PEB is a research group that develops its work at Regional Nucleus of Competence in Oil, Gas and Biofuels - NUPEG-SE at the Federal University of Sergipe.

Since the foundation of the group, back in 2012, we have been focused in two research lines: on studying thermochemical processe for the valorisation of residues, specifically by pyrolysis; and organic geochemistry studies of crude oils.

Our work focuses in a micro scale and bench scale pyrolysis processes looking for add-value to wastes like invasive aquatic plants (water hyacinth), cattle manure, cottonseed oil dregs, and agroindustrial wastes.

In the other hand, the know-how of the group is the analytical chemistry capacities and our works focuses in a full chemical characterization of the products like bio-oils, biogas, biochar, and crude oils, applying gas chromatography / mass spectrometry and ultra high resolution mass spectrometry among others techniques.


Petroleum and Energy from Biomass Research Group - PEB

Federal University of Sergipe - Chemistry Department

Av. Marechal Rondon, s/n - PEB-NUPEG, Sector C, Room 09

São Cristóvão-SE - CEP 49100 000